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As a result of globalisation, many business and social situations now require interpreters to help overcome language barriers.

Transact works only with highly qualified, native tongue interpreters who are fluent in both the source and target language. This means they can think and react very quickly, to deliver your message with the correct emphasis and accuracy of expression. Each interpreter has the experience required to deliver smooth, grammatically correct, accurate, and non-hesitant interpreting which is both natural and authentic.

Your personal project manager will ensure that your linguist is accurately matched to your particular requirements, be they medical, legal, court interpreting, technical, marketing etc. They will also ensure that any necessary background research is carried out prior to each assignment.

We have experts who specialise in each of the three different types of interpreting:

Simultaneous - your interpreter will instantly translate the speaker's message into the target language using audio equipment. This type of interpreting is highly effective for live broadcasting, large conferences and speeches that need to be translated into several languages at once.

Consecutive - your interpreter will give their translation during pauses in the speech. This is best for smaller meetings, conferences and speeches where fewer languages are involved.

Chuchotage/Whispered - this is suitable for one-on-one encounters, market surveys and small meetings. Your interpreter will sit next to the listener and literally whisper the translation to them alongside the main speaker.

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BBC Newsnight

Transact provided me with an interpreter to check both language and cultural references on a novel in progress. They found me just the right person: skilled and sympathetic to the nuances of the text.

Lee Langley, novelist